Partners are the backbone of our organisation and we take pride in the fact that some of our partners have been with us ever since we started. Over the years we have developed a relationship based on mutual trust.


We would like to collaborate with appropriate partners towards a mutually rewarding and satisfying relationship. Typically, before we sign-off on a collaboration, we like to clearly understand the client requirement, work processes, deliverables, etc. to see if we are compatible.


If you would like to collaborate with us, we would request you to work with us on this three-step process:

  • Fill in the partner application form.
  • Meet and understand each others values, goals, working ethos, etc. Both of us have to take a leap of faith and we need to feel comfortable about doing this. Our directors travel extensively and would be happy to meet you at your office. If you are in India you are most welcome to visit our office.
  • Sign a memorandum of understanding, which would lay down the boundaries for both of us and the modus operandi. A mutual confidentiality clause, details on the working methodology, contact persons from each team, escalation matrix, delivery, payment terms, distribution of generic marketing collateral, customer questionnaires, white papers, etc. would be good to include in our mutual agreement.

Based on the memorandum of understanding, we would commence work and Scan Microfilm would be available for :

  • Discussions to advise to you on how best to execute a project
  • Provide you with free samples
  • Provide you with a quotation on demand
  • Answer any questions which a client may have